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🔥Amazon Customer Returns Pallets Online⭐ Limited Stock!

Due to limited supply, we usually do not provide these products by truck. These loads will include Apple phones, ipads, Switch, PS5,PlayStation Portable, Xbox, gaming computers, computer graphics cards, Bluetooth headsets, camera,electric drills, saws, wrenches, tool sets, generators, high pressure washers, remote control aircraft, remote control cars , Lego,Barbie doll, Gundam toys,basketball,football,puzzles, microwave ovens, rice cookers, air fryer, refrigerators, washing machines, television,sofa,hair dryers,Baby carriage,Treadmill, massage guns,Massage chair, electric scooters, etc.

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  • Handling time>> Ship within 1-3 days after payment.
  • Delivery time>>Delivery within the United States will be within 5-10 days, other countries will be delivered within 7-15 days
  • 📣Returns>> Fast refund,100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • 💖Free One Years Product Warranty
  • To prevent malicious transactions, we limit the upper limit of each purchase to 2.
  • Some pallets have limited inventory. To ensure fairness, you can only purchase 1 for each of super size and whole size pallets!
  • Welfare: Buy one get one free for the first 100 orders>>we will automatically send another additional package to you for free, which is random.


TOP 1 USA Pallet Wholesaler

In the United States and Europe, Amazon and other e-commerce platforms have too many returns, and there are no redundant warehouses to accommodate these returned products. Therefore, as a top Liquidation company, we have collected these returns at a very low price and put them Repackaged into pallets for sale. Some of the products in the pallets just lack the outer packaging, and the functions are normal and do not affect the use at all. This is why we can sell these pallets at low prices.

It is the best choice whether you use it yourself or sell it again.

Buy Mixed Amazon Pallet of in Bulk

Our amazon pallet has a great variety of products that always changes.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19, We put Amazon pallets in online retail.
Here, there are more than 1,000 products to choose from, and you can buy pallets of various sizes.
There are many kinds of products in the pallet, and the price is affordable.

Amazon pallet lots usually contain: electronics, toys, daily necessities, household appliances, household products, sports products, tools, gardening accessories,etc.
– YES, liquidationpallets are safe to use!

Are Amazon pallets available anytime?

We only spend half a month every year to clean these pallets at a very low price. This is also the cheapest time for Amazon pallets in the year. After this period of time, the price will increase.
Just like Black Friday, only this time of the year is the lowest price of the year. Because our pallets are not only cost-effective and have investment value, they are also very popular with customers.

If you miss it, you will have to wait another year.

If you need them, please place an order for purchase.

What's in these pallets?

About the size of the item (pallet): The size of the item (pallet) is optional. Generally speaking, a whole-size pallet has a greater chance of winning better things. There may be some very valuable items, such as electronics, toys, daily necessities, household appliances, household products, sports products, tools, gardening accessories,Fitness equipment,and everything you need.Even the price of a single item exceeds $350.

How to choose different sizes of pallets?

The value represented by different sizes of pallets is also different. Obviously, the more expensive things are the better, the price you pay is directly proportional to the value of the pallet. The more you pay, the greater the value of what you get. Isn’t it fair?

If you miss it, you will have to wait for next year!



Q:How long will it take to receive my order?

A: For USA customers delivery will take between 5 to 7 business days. For international customers, delivery will take about 10-14 business days. As soon as your order ships we'll email you a tracking number. Please note due to COVID-19 there might be some shipping delays with the post office.

Q:What is your return policy?

A: We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. You are free to try it and see if it helps you for 30 days. If it doesn't work you can send it back to us for a full refund!

Q: How can I contact you?

A: If you have any questions just send us an email at and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Check Out What Our Buyers Are Saying

My purchasing on their site has continued to grow. I have been able to purchase over $100,00 worth of goods and have resold this for double my money or more! I pretty much NEVER write reviews but the product I received was so good that I wanted to take the time to give back by writing a review.

— Sherrie L Purser

Having sourced merchandise since March 2021, I have purchased over 10 lots, spending nearly $650. Here can easily find the most suitable products for my business, so I can pick it up quickly in order to turn around for a profits and purchase again.

— Mark Margolies

I have bought 6 pallets here and will be back to get more. Can't wait to keep getting more awesome pallets that are untouched unless people are going threw them to see what is in them. I can understand that but we are all curious and it's ok to see what you are getting. Be back soon to see you guys again.

— Kenny Gregory

I’ve had nothing but good experiences . One thing with all liquidations is you have to keep in mind that these are not skids full of new products, some have returns. The shelf pull products are normally in good re-sellable pkg condition. I’ve been successful at re-selling on eBay, Amazon, and all larger products sell great on Facebook market place. Good luck and have fun.

— Sheri Sandoval

Love shopping here. I have purchased mystery boxes a few times. I have been extremely happy with my purchases. I am a returned customer and will continue to be so.

—Gustavo Moncada



To prevent malicious transactions, we limit the upper limit of each purchase to 2 Pcs. If you find that the shipping cost is $99999, please reduce the purchase quantity

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Please note that the transportation is insured and it takes 10-14 working days worldwide. However, you may receive your items earlier. The tracking number will always be sent, so you can track every step of it! Cool things are worth the wait! 😉

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Our guarantee

We truly provide the most amazing, fashionable, and highest quality products in the world. We will do our best to provide excellent customer service support to assist everyone, because we attach great importance to absolutely zero-risk customer satisfaction. We ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied in all aspects through 24/7/365 fast support!

Our Experience

Our background is in retail and wholesale - we have done it successfully and have tested and tried the business for over 10 years. We understand product sourcing domestically and internationally and will be glad to talk to you about what we have done.

With customers in many locations worldwide, our team has vast experience in traveling, cultural relationships, rules, regulations, languages, and all the tools we need to make each and every transaction safe, honest, simplified, and quick. We are here to grow with you in the long run. We love meeting new people, no matter where you come from, send us an email and introduce yourself and your business!

Dealing internationally is not easy. It takes time, and in most cases, a long time to earn trust in the international arena. And besides time, it takes one of the most important tools that any business will need dealing internationally: CONNECTIONS - and we have them! Our executives have solid and well-established connections in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Africa, and of course in North and South America. We count with people that live and work with us in each continent of the world and in many countries we deal with on a regular basis.

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